Tuesday, October 28, 2014

War Eagle Fair 2014

I survived my first year selling at War Eagle Fair!  Part I

And I had a great time! I am exhausted! And I plan to do it again next year. Glutton for punishment, yes, I guess I am!  It was a lot of work getting ready for this show.  Most of the vendors have done this show for many years and they prepare all year for this show.  I started preparing in June! Yes, I already had some of my little houses made, but I knew that I needed much more inventory. So I created as much as I physically could. I do have to have some sleep.  So now that it is over, I have to plan for next year's show.

But I will do some things differently.  Since it was my first time, ever, to even go to War Eagle, I really didn't know what to expect.  I knew that the show had good crowd attendance.  But I had no idea what kinds of things sell to this type of crowd, at this type of show. I learned a lot.

What I learned:

1.  War Eagle has a dedicated crowd of customers. They return every year. They come to buy. I was pleased that so many of them decided to buy some of my creations, even though I was the newbie!

2.  A four day show requires A LOT of product to sell. If you don't have much to sell, you will not have much to offer the customers.

3.  Have a variety of items with a variety of price points for everyone.  From $4.00 magnets to $150 paintings...or higher! You never know what someone is looking for! Many of the attendees are shopping for Christmas gifts or decorations.

4.  Talk to other vendors and ask lots of questions! Many are very helpful and willing to offer tips and advice!  It is great to make new friends with similar interests too.

5.  Price to sell, but do not undersell. I would not feel good about my work if I marked it so low that I didn't make money! The reason for doing a show like this, is to make money.  Why would I work my tail off all year and not make money?  Another good reason for #3.  Have something to sell that can be priced low and make some money. $10 - $50 is a good price range for many people. Have a lot of stock in that range.

6. Have a booth that draws the customer in. Next week I will blog about my booth and how we set up.
Update: Part 2 More About My Booth Display

War Eagle Mill is a beautiful place. I took many pictures of the scenery around the mill. I plan to go back soon for fall foliage photos. The leaves are looking very pretty this week. Shown in the photos is the War Eagle Mill and the one lane bridge over the river, the week of the Fair.  Isn't it beautiful?


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