Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Focus on Texture

All about the Texture in 2015

I've been working with texture in my art for several years now. But next year in 2015, I plan to focus even more on texture in all of my art.

Texture in Clay
For example, I have been creating bowls and dishes with impressed textures. I've done this before, but in the past, I've been more focused on glazing designs onto smooth bowls and dishes. Here are some textured bowls that I created before Thanksgiving. All of these have already sold, so I think they were well received.  My goal is to get a larger kiln this year, so I can expand and create more of the larger pieces.

Texture in Mixed Media Painting
I love working with textures in paint. Using modeling paste helps with this when working with acrylic paint.

Here is a pair of paintings, that I created textures with modeling paste, a couple of years ago. I also used lots of layers of color to add to the depth. These paintings are hanging in our bedroom.

And a close up of the painting on the left.

Re-use and Re-purpose with Paint and collage.

This is an old book that was being given away at a school library. I used paint, texture, and collage all throughout the book to create a journal. It was a fun experiment.

I used torn paper, crinkled tissue paper, and acrylic paints.  I will be posting more about this book/journal, in a post in 2015.

 We'll see where this new focus takes me!


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