Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patience and passion...

Scribbler Too
Cool onine sketch tool
...are two qualities that are wonderful to have plenty of!  Its great when both seem to be running along smoothly.  When I feel passion for what I am currently creating, then I seem to have plenty of patience.  But if I am feeling impatience with something in my life, then the passion doesn't seem to flow as smoothly.  For many years I have had passion for art.  I love to look at it, buy it, collect it, study how it is made! Although I can't afford expensive art, I really love to own original works of art, expecially by artists who I have connected with through online forums, art meetings, and other chance encounters.  I have a small collection started that I hope to add to each year.  I am passionate about creating art too.  I have plenty of patience when it comes to working on even the most tedious tasks, if it is a creative and artistic outlet. I get impatient when I don't have enough time to create! Some people find comfort in creating art when things in their life are not going smoothly.  But for me, when things in my life are not going smoothly, my passion for creating suffers.  Right now is one of those times.  I'm not good with life changes, and I have to remember to be patient and keep my passion flowing.   I have to remember that life is always changing and to keep on creating and hopefully those changes that have been worrying me and taking my creative time away, will work out very soon!
Check out the ScribblerToo site where I played around and created this little abstract design and the little house.  It was lots of fun and I plan to use it for sketching ideas. You can even save them on your computer and add color, text, etc.  Just have fun with it!

Stay positive and believe in yourself!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Reunions and Summer Breaks...

...are some of the greatest things! Summer break started for me 2 weeks ago and I've been to 2 reunions. One was just a weekend of close friends from high school and good times...the other was an actual high school reunion for 5 years of classes from 1975-79! Yes, it was 1978 when I graduated high school. Gee things have changed so much since then, but the high school reunion brings back memories like it was just a few years ago! 
So now that I'm back from traveling, I have to get down to business.  I will be traveling back to Georgia in the fall to participate in the Norcross Art Fest in October! I'm pretty excited about it. We had so much fun going to Dunwoody last spring, that we decided it would be worth the trip to go back for the Norcross Art Fest. It is such a nice area. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Old Friends and Week One of Summer Break...

...has begun.  Last Friday was my last day of the school year for teachers.  Friday afternoon I traveled to Alabama to spend the weekend with my long time girlfriends. Six of us have stayed in touch since Junior High School.  Half of them were actually in elementary school together, but all of us have known each other since high school.   Over the years, some of us have moved away to live our lives, but stayed in touch. Sometimes we didn't talk often, but when we get together again, its like there was never a break in our connections. We spent the entire weekend talking, laughing, eating, reminiscing and just enjoying our time together. We promised to continue this as our new annual tradition.  We have all turned 50, or will, this year, so we all realize how important it is to stay connected to our closest friends.  It was so comforting to be with people who have known me since I was the young, shy, carefree girl that I was in the 70s and 80s! Before the responsibilities of children and jobs and married life.  So you can expect to see more of the influences from those relationships in the future.   The 'girls' all loved my little houses and all went home with at least one!  So they are very supportive of the artist part of my life.  Some of them even benefited from my art while we were in art class in high school!   Thank you Girls!

So for the first week of summer break, I am catching up with some chores around the house and just relaxing a little bit and planning some projects for my time in the studio! Looking forward to getting a lot accomplished over the next 2 months!  Hopefully life will cooperate with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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