Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What makes You Smile?

I got an email today from the writer of this blog called Bunny's Carrots . She said that my little houses make her smile.  That is exactly what my intentions are with my little houses! So its always nice to hear from people who get that feeling from my houses.  So thank you to Amanda at Bunny's Carrots for featuring my houses on her blog today, along with the little houses from The Little Red Door Etsy Shop.
This month my HeartHomes Shop on Etsy has been busier than I expected. I thought after Christmas that things may slow down a bit, but I have been pleasantly surprised to be wrong!  I have sold several of my hearthomes and I have several pen and ink orders for this spring to start working on.  Plus I am getting ready for the show in Jonesboro.  I need to finish the latest batch of houses for the show.  

So, what kind of art makes you smile?  Do you like realistic art, whimsical art, abstract art?  Do you want art just to hang on the wall? Or do you like 3D art to display? I would love to hear your opinions!

What makes you smile?

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