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My Kiln

I Love My Little Kiln

We get along quite nicely. She is small but useful.

The size of my kiln does limit what I can create, but I get a lot of use out of it. When I purchased this kiln, I planned to use it to fire my little clay houses and other accessories. It has plenty of space for that plus more. I also use it to fire small bowls, ornaments, and other small items that I sell from my Etsy shop. You can see how big it is inside in the photo below.

There are many times that I wish that I had a larger kiln so I could fire larger things and fit more layers, but I can fill it with a variety of bowls, houses, hearts, trays. If I am careful, I can get quite a few things in there and fire a load overnight. And because it is a small kiln, it really doesn't use a lot of electricity. A little larger one would be great to have, but this one works for me.

What I love the most about my little kiln is the automatic timer. After having this feature on this kiln, I could never go back to having t…

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