Monday, April 16, 2012

Collage Mixed Media Project

Ideas for Summer Projects
Summer break is almost here! I will have more time to create! If you are looking for a summer project to work on, a collage with mixed media is a fun project!

Mixed Media Collage
Today I thought I would share a mixed media project that I created for fun and as an example for a student project at school.  We often use old donated magazines in the classroom. This project is a mixed media collage, using magazines and acrylic paints.

Arkansas Home Theme
Since I create my little clay houses and clay house tiles, I decided to go with a Home theme and Arkansas theme to create a house with a fence and tree.  I used a stack of one of my favorite Arkansas magazines (At Home in Arkansas) to cut out Arkansas details, words, maps, and colors to put together to create my image.

Supplies I used:
Canvas Board
Old Magazines
Acrylic Paint and Brushes
Drawing Paper
Glue sticks

After cutting out words, patterns, colors and shapes out of the magazines, I began arranging the pieces that I had. I went back to the magazines when I needed additional colors and images.
I created a house shape with strips of magazine cuttings adding some details with paint.  For example, I decided to create a tree and needed some leaves but I did not have enough so I cut leaf shapes out of green paper to create the rest of the leaves. I wanted an owl in the tree so I drew and painted a little owl on drawing paper, cut it out and glued it into the tree.

The sidewalk on the bottom edge of this piece was made up of map pieces and words pieced together. Cutouts of flowers were also added to create flower beds.

ModPodge was brushed on top of the entire piece after I was finished adding pieces. This helps to seal the pieces of paper to the surface.

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