Friday, July 11, 2014

William S. Paley Collection at Crystal Bridges

In a post from a few days ago (found here), I talked about my visit to Crystal Bridges. I took some photos of the amazing grounds and architecture. I love taking photos there because they look different each time I go. Different light, different seasons, and different art displays.

In this post, I would like to show some photos of the some art that was on display in a special exhibition(the show ended July , the William S. Paley Collection.  Some of my favorite works shown in this show. I took several, but I seem to have been drawn to the Picasso paintings and the other cubism style paintings. Many people do not understand cubism. I used to be one of those, until I taught my high school students about cubism and made several cubist style examples. I think it is more about the design and the composition, which is a challenge.  Creating cubism art is not a simple as it looks, which makes these paintings by Picasso so interesting to me.  Although my art is not so abstract, I do like to incorporate some cubist elements into some of my art.

I look forward to sharing more, in the future, about more trips to Crystal Bridges.

Here is a link to my trip when the Norman Rockwell exhibit was there. Although no photos of the traveling exhibit was allowed, I did get some photos of some of the permanent exhibit.


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