Saturday, August 18, 2012

Watercolor and Ink and Inspiration

If you keep up this blog, you know that I like to use a variety of art materials.  I like that it never gets tiring or boring to me.  Maybe it means that I'm ADD?  Anyway, it can be a blessing or a curse.  Most of the time it is a blessing.  This year I started playing around with some pan watercolors to go along with my pen drawings.  I can also add dry colored pencils on top of that if I want!  So its all good.  Before I go into the studio to glaze more of my little clay houses, I thought I would share this little watercolor/pen sketch of my daughter and her dogs, that I created when I went to visit and dogsit for my daughter earlier this year.   Below is a photo of the 2 'granddogs' that were the inspiration for the card. It's hard to get them to pose together, so I took advantage of this shot.  While I was dogsitting for my daughter, I wanted to paint something and this is what I came up with.  Its was just a fun little quick whimsical painting.  I want to do more watercolor when I have time.



  1. oh my goodness I love the card of Jessica, Charmin and Radar! Precious!!

  2. Thank you Madaline! Thanks for dropping by!


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