Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adding Watercolor to Pen and!

Hearts and Flowers
After spending time looking at a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, I got the urge to work with watercolor and pen and ink. So I played around with a pen sketch and added some watercolor. (I love to do creative doodles!) I had some mixed media paper, by Strathmore, that I got samples of last year. I really liked how it took both the pen and ink and the watercolor.  So I will be ordering some of that paper and will look into purchasing some good pan watercolors. The Strathmore paper did much better than the second image that I did.  
The second image was done with the same pen and ink and watercolor, but on a different paper.  It was done on bristol paper, which is good for pen and ink, but it did not hold up as well to the watercolor.  But I already had the pen and ink sketch on the paper and thought I would give it a try.  
HeartHomes by the Sea
I really had fun playing with it and will definitely buy some good watercolors and more mixed media paper. 

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