Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts and Clay

So Valentines Day has come and almost gone. These holidays always sneak up on me.  But my little houses all have hearts on them, so I have sent many of them off to new homes over the last few weeks.  So I will be busy making more little houses to restock my Etsy shop! Which is a good thing! 

Me in front of my Artwork on display at Bennetts Nursery in Jonesboro.
My display includes my colored pencil artwork also.

Last week I attended the artist reception for the opening of the "Love of Art" Show in Jonesboro.  The weather had been terrible most of the week with snow and extremely cold weather, but Thursday turned out to be warm enough to melt away alot of the snow. So we traveled to Jonesboro for the opening.  I'm glad that we were able to go. I met some very nice people, including several artists who are displaying their art in the show also.  The show will be up until March 10th.  

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. it looks like a wonderful and cherry display of your work. I hope you had many sales.


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