Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Decor Art Project

With all the moving going on, my daughter and I did manage to get in an art project. She wanted something unique for her new apartment wall. Well, she was downsizing from a larger apartment with more wallspace, but she did manage to save some space for our project. She found an old window at a junk store. So she decided to add art paper with her kitchen/living room colors in the glass areas. We painted brown paint on top of the white paint that was already on it, then wiped away some of the paint to make it look old and weathered a little. Put a hangar on the back and it was ready to go on the wall. It looks very nice on her kitchen. It is also a neat recycling project! What better way to create beautiful art, by using old building supplies?

What other ideas do you have for recycling old windows or building supplies?


  1. This looks great Beth!
    Sorry about all the moving. Hope it goes well for everyone!

  2. What a great idea Beth. Now you have the wheels turning in my head.. LOL.
    We are building soon and recycling is such a good thing. Love this window.

    We have moved so many times in the last 5 yrs... 5 times..We hope this next move will be the last for many yrs.

  3. That's fantastic home decor stuff!! Decorative art stuff is my favorite!!


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