Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Eiffel Tower

This is what we saw as we left our hotel each of the 4 days that we stayed in Paris! The Eiffel Tower was right around the corner. It is really an awesome sight, when you are actually near it. It is much bigger than I expected it to be.

On our 3rd day in Paris, we did our tour of the Eiffel Tower early that morning. Jos, our tour guide, suggested that we do that early to beat the crowds, and he was right. We thought it opened at 9:00 am, so we were there in line a little before that, but it actually didn't open until 9:30. So we had to wait a little bit, but we were close to the front of the line. But as we were leaving the tower around 11:00 the lines were quite long.

View from the 3rd level.

View from the same level, other direction.

You can walk up the steps to the first level, but we definitely chose to ride the elevator. There is a gift shop and a restaurant on the second and third levels. The next level is the top.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Its a good thing heights do not bother me! One lady was having her picture made, and she obviously was afraid of heights, because she would not let go of the steel beam that she was standing beside, and that was on the 3rd level! I don't know if she went up to the top.

Me at the Top of the Eiffel Tower.
As you can see, they have a cage to prevent people from jumping, I guess.(?) And there were 2 levels on the top. It gets pretty crowded up there.
After the tour of the Eiffel Tower, we were scheduled to visit the Musee d'Orsay. My next post will be about the Impressionist paintings that we viewed there.


  1. Hey Beth! I have had the best time over here visiting and catching up with you!

    Your trip sounded so WONDERFUL and it was so nice of you to share these amazing pictures! You look fabulous!!!

  2. Hi Debbie! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by. Thank you!

  3. Beth, you're so lucky! Thanks for sharing the photos. You look like you had a great time. Great pic of you! So young . . . . ;-D

  4. I think my knees would have been a bit wobbly with the views and the heights. Do you know what river or body of water that is in your
    4th pic?

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Hi Cindy. I got a little wobbly once or twice when I thought about how high up we were! That is the Siene River that runs through Paris. We took a boat ride on it while we were there.

  6. Hi Fannie. Yes, I am very lucky for getting this opportunity to go. I would probably never had the opportunity to go if I had not been asked to go as an assistant to the French teacher! And thank you for the compliment! :)


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