Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Weather is Finally Here!

Dogwood Blooms
I've been a little distracted from my art lately. With the end of school year coming fast, my son's high school graduation, and several other things I won't bore anyone with, my mind just can't settle down enough to sit down at my drawing table. So I've been doing some spring cleaning, since it has finally arrived.

I live in the South, so usually we have an early spring. We've had so much rain and cool weather this year, I was beginning to wonder if we would skip spring weather and go directly to summer weather. But the last several days have been very nice spring weather. The dogwood trees started blooming last week and are still very pretty. Here are some pictures of the one in my backyard. I would love to have more dogwoods, but my yard has very little shade, so they would burn up anywhere else. I will try to take a walk around the neighborhood tomorrow to get some more spring flower pictures. I need the exercise too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these dogwood photographs. They're inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of the nature in your neighborhood.


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