Sunday, August 2, 2015

Line Doodles

While finishing up several different custom orders, I've been spending some time in the evenings doing more sketching. I create original line drawings, paint with watercolor, then print the original line drawings for coloring pages.

Line Doodles
Here are a couple of my latest line creations in ink. I will share updates later, after I add watercolor to the originals.

As for supplies, I like to use Sakura Micron pens (black), and Zig Millenium pens. The both come in a variety of pen tip sizes and are archival and waterproof. For paper, I use Strathmore Mixed Media Paper. It is smooth (good for pens) and will take wet media.

ART Design Doodle

And here is what I have been doing with the ART design that I shared here, a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't downloaded and printed the free design, you can still go copy it to your computer and personalize it how you want! But I want to see what you do with it! Let me know if you blog about it! I want to see how creative you can be!

First I added some line doodles in the background, Then I started adding color. On this one, I am using thin markers. You can use what you are comfortable with!

Be Creative! Have fun!
This will be one that I will work on a little bit at a time, between projects. I will share an update when I finish with this one!

 I am also linking this up to Blue Chair Diaries blog linkup. Hop on over to Alexandra's blog to see what she is up to!

Have a great Sunday and the rest of this week!



  1. Love your work. I love diy and tutorials. I am new to doodling and sketching. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes on your coloring pages. Hope it all goes well.

  2. Thank you Grantham! You will be hooked on doodling! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh these are wonderful! I love your doodles!

  4. Cute! I wish I had talent like this.

  5. beautiful doodles, so creative.

  6. Thank you Lisa! :)

    @LifeAsAConvert...try it! You may have a talent for it!

    Thank you Christine!

  7. You are a great doodler too... I love what you and Linda do with a pen and paper. Truly magic.

  8. I love your doodle sketches!

  9. Love your doodles... your sketchbook page is so fun!

  10. I love doodling, always have ~ it's a lifetime of Good Medicine for me. And I love your doodles, Beth!

    Merry creating!

  11. Love your doodle art Beth!
    Fine shapes and beautiful colours! :))

    Have a beautiful week!

  12. What fun!! I love the way your 'ART' word pops with colour! And your designs are fabulous too!

  13. Absolutely fun and fabulous line doodles, Beth. My favorite artist pen is the Sakura Pigma as well. I need to purchase a HUGE stock of them as I go through so many with my children's illustration work. I LOVE them.

    I love the line doodle inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us. :)


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