Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Travel and Colds do not mix!

My To Do List keeps getting longer and longer and to keep up I must work everyday.  So what would keep me from playing with paint or clay or drawing? Why...of course...I come down with a cold!  I had planned a trip to visit my sister and I even packed my paint and supplies to work on a painting (for her) while she was at work. I got there and we had a good visit the first day, even though I had this tickle in my throat. No problem, I figured it was my sinuses. The next day I wake up coughing and not feeling so great. No problem, I'll just stay in and work on the painting all day.  That night I began to feel achy and still coughing and felt like I had a fever. Not good.  Not only did I not want to spread my germs to everyone, I like to be home when I'm sick. So I packed up and came home. So now I'm looking at my unfinished painting and my To Do List and still coughing.  Wishing that I could have stayed for my entire planned visit, which was going to include dinner with friends.  Wish I could be there!  But I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it if I gave them my lovely cold.

Now to find my positive self and to work on my to do list..cough cough.
Background for Painting
on Canvas

 More pictures to come on the painting. I did this before I left on the trip and worked on it more while there. But I don't want to reveal it until I'm finished!


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