Thursday, February 13, 2014

Painting...the walls

In between working on some art projects, this is what I have been painting for the past week! I have painted many, many rooms over the years.  It usually takes me a day or two to finish. This time, I had to take time off to finish other projects and to recover. I think that I have a pinched nerve in my lower back, so bending over to tape, paint, pour paint, climb the ladder and all the other work that it takes to complete this DYI project is wreaking havoc on my back!
The 'sports theme' room had a wallpaper border at the top. I tried to remove it, but it didn't want to come off very easily. After soaking, scraping and scraping and resting and scraping some more, I removed about 8 feet in the corner and 4 hours later...I decided I would try to paint over it.  After 3 coats of paint, it looked just fine. So I didn't hesitate to continue to paint over it. You can see, in the photo collage, where I started painting over the border.

This room has seen some wear and tear over the years! It was my son's bedroom for 17 years. It has had a sports theme border on the wall most of those 17 years.  I believe there were many sports played in this room! It was rough!  It doesn't look like the same room anymore.  It has a fresh coat of paint and curtains on the window.
I still have some trim to paint, but that will have to wait until my back feels a little better.  I'm glad to have it cleaned up and put back together. Hopefully it will help to sell the house soon.
Now back to the fun painting!



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