Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Painting the Past

Old White Farmhouse
#5 Watercolor Painting
11 x 14
This house does not exist anymore, as so many old homes from the past.  I was asked to paint it, so childhood memories could be preserved.  I used watercolor with some touches of colored pencils.

Even though I didn't get 30 paintings in 30 days completed, I'm still going to count my paintings as I go through the year.  This one is #5. (I posted #6 yesterday.)  I hope to get at least 30 done. But we'll see.

You never know what the year will bring. I have come to realize that we can't guarantee tomorrow.  I will be attending a funeral of an artist friend this week.  He had a long productive life, but it was suddenly cut short.  But he did make good use of his time on earth and created beautiful art and architecture.  Gus will be missed.


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