Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pink Garden

I love flowers, but I really do not do much gardening anymore. We planted everything in our yard, but since I have started working more on my art and have had knee problems, I just don't do a lot, besides just maintenance.  I plant a few annuals each year and try to keep my perennials going.  But this year I've had an abundance of thriving plants with pink flowers! First the azaleas, then the hydrangeas, and now the crepe myrtles.  It's a good thing I love pink! I have other crepe myrtles. Hopefully they will bloom as pretty as this pink one.

I went out to trim the very large azaleas bushes back a little and found this crepe myrtle with all of these blooms! It is on the back end of our storage building and last time I looked at it was before it had blooms on it.  I guess it didn't get its annual trim back, so it had blooms almost all the way to the ground. The 2nd photo is before I trimmed it up some. The last photo is the top of the shrub after I trimmed it up some.  I really thought it was pretty with the sunlight coming through the neighbors trees. It's very peaceful back there.  My only wish is that I didn't get eaten up by the mosquitoes every time I go out and trim my shrubs!  They really love me! I guess I must be really sweet! Haha.   Oh and I never trimmed much off the azaleas. They are taller than I am!


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