Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love...

... Artsy people. Crafty people. Creative people....

I clearly have a little prejudice here.  Being an artist, of course I'm going to love other artists. Artists sometimes get a bad wrap about being quirky and weird.  Not all artists are quirky and weird.  Maybe we do think differently than the non-artsy type of people.  And yes, there are some artists out literally... out there!  But that's okay.  But most of the artists that I know are very real, down to earth, and very nice people.  I am going to spotlight a few of my favorite artists during my February month of 'Things I Love". 

Cindy Haase
"Sunshine State"
I have met many artists online over the years, many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in person.  So today's post about things I love will be spotlighting one of my favorite living artsy people that I have met in person.  Not only is she talented, but she is one of the nicest people I've met. And she is very generous to share what she has learned along her art journey in one of her blogs, What are you Really Selling?

So I want to introduce to you,  Cindy Haase.  You can click on her name to see her blog about her own art, Cynthia Haase Fine Art.  She is one busy lady. She sells her daily paintings on Daily Paintworks  and on Etsy. She is also the President of the Colored Pencil Society of America.

I asked Cindy to answer three questions for me and she was sweet enough to take time out of her busy schedule.  Thank you to Cindy!

Question #1
What motivates you as an artist?
Cindy:  I'm motivated by mental health! Painting is what I look forward to in the morning, and if I can't find the time to paint for a couple of days I start feeling very "grumpy". So I think its an emotional release and a means of expressing my feelings.

Question #2
What is your favorite medium/media?
Cindy:  My favorite medium right now is oil, but I've also been in love with pastel and colored pencil at other times in my career. I love the process and discipline of daily painting in oil. Coming up with something new to paint all the time pushes my creativity, even though I mostly paint fruits and vegetables. It's not so much the subject but what the shapes, lighting, color and edges can become.

Question #3
What advice do you have for artists just starting out?
Cindy:  Same advice that was given to me. Do the work! Learn all you can about color, edges, shapes, texture, and value, and make sure you are constantly working on your drawing skills. Explore!

So be sure and check out Cindy's art blog, Etsy shop, Daily paintworks auctions, and start collecting her art now while they are still extremely affordable!  


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