Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward to 2013...

Private Commission
Acrylic on Canvas
Beth S. Macre
So 2012 is almost over. It has been an extremely busy year for me! There have been some ups and downs, but I want to focus on the positive.  Hoping for the power of positive thinking to work for me during 2013.  One major change for me during 2012 was my decision to retire from teaching after 29 years and start working on my art full time! That was a very hard decision for me, but it was a very much needed change. (I just hope that our politicians don't throw us off that "fiscal cliff" that they keep warning us about.  Its very difficult to be self employed when the economy is in free fall.  ...oops...I'm not supposed to dwell on the negative...) This year I was very busy with commissions, so I have been very blessed to have a good year for the first 6 months of being 'self employed'.Personally, I have had some challenges, but nothing compared to what many people have gone through.  So, I'm optimistic that this year will be even better!  I have to have faith that it will, and if that means I need to make more changes, then I will. Sometimes change is what it takes to move forward.  So, here's to the New Year and better times for us and our country. 

Private Commission
Colored Pencil on Uart Board

Beth S. Macre©2012


Monday, December 24, 2012

Custom Tile Commission

Merry Christmas Eve!  I'm excited about the possibilitiy of having snow on Christmas tomorrow! That rarely happens around here!

Just wanted to share a custom tile that I created for an out of state customer.

Beth S. Macre©2012
Custom Tile

I take a photo and turn it into a custom tile that looks like your (or a loved ones) house. 
I take wet clay and create a tile and cut out pieces that create the house image. 
It's like drawing in 3D.  

If you would like to order a custom tile, you can contact me about details and we can work something out.  
Check out my Etsy listing for custom tiles here: Hearthomes 

**The tile shown here is larger than the size in my Etsy shop listing.


Friday, December 7, 2012

What have I been up too?

Angela Wren Nursing and Allied Health Building
Arkansas Northeastern College
Pen and Ink
I have been working on several commissions for Christmas. Obviously I can't reveal what I'm working on until after Christmas, but I can share a commission that I worked on for several months this summer and into fall. Our local college built a new building dedicated to nursing education, thanks to a local family who helped the college with the project in honor of their daughter, who was a nurse.  The building is a memorial to her life and is named after her.  The original was presented to the family at the dedication of the building.


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