Thursday, September 20, 2012

Colored Pencil Workshop Fun...

...I know that probably doesn't sound like a lot of fun for some. But we had a good time at the workshop. As I mentioned last week, I attended a colored pencil workshop this past weekend in Memphis. We experimented and played with colored pencils, paint thinner, watercolor, rubber cement, and enjoyed spending time with like minded artists. Kate Lagaly was our instructor. She is an award winning colored pencil teacher/artist who is very creative. I thought I would share a few photos of my experiments. None of them are finished. We tried so many different techniques and pictures to choose from, that I just barely got started on some of them. But I got some great ideas! And I enjoy being the student too!

This drawing of the boy is done in several steps.
Step 1:  Drizzle rubber cement on watercolor paper.
Step 2:  Paint watercolor washes on top of the dried rubber cement.
Step 3:  Drizzle more rubber cement and let dry.
Step 4:  Paint more watercolor washes.
Step 5:  Add another layer of cement and paint (optional)
Step 6:  Remove rubber cement with a rubber cement 'picker upper' (not sure the technical term! )
Step 7:  Transfer drawing onto paper.  (We used a white Saral transfer paper)
Step 8:  Start adding colored pencil values and color mixtures with colored pencils.

Here is a link to the Memphis CPSA blog: Click here.

The next one is just colored pencil on a light colored matboard.  There are no watercolor layers.  This is how far I got on it.  I'm not sure that I will have time to finish it, but I may work on it more, just a little bit, to get the swan to show up better. 
Now back to working on a pen and ink drawing for a customer and creating more clay hearthomes.  I will be at John's Creek Art Festival October 27 & 28th, 2012.  So, I have a lot to do!


  1. Well a coloured pencil workshop sounds like a lot of fun to me!!! Wow, the project with the rubber cement looks absolutely terrific! Your piece really turned out great. And the swan is lovely! Being so busy is obviously a good thing. :-)

  2. Hello! - I ran across this post after a google search - I'm surprised anyone still uses rubber cement with all those tape gun, sticker making, wonders available now a days- i had a question- do you know of a better way to "clean" off the raggedy edges that accumulate with use? normally i cut mine off which also allows for little "niblits" <--- Not a technical term, but makes me laugh when I see them - i use those for delicate areas that might rip- also like to cut my square at different angles to get them sharp -- anyways.... just wondering if you have a different way to spruce up the "picker upper" other than slicing and dicing. :)...
    P.S. NIBLETS!! :-D

  3. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by! Good questions!
    As far as removing the rubber cement from the paper, I do use the 'rubber square' to get it started. Then I will pull the larger pieces off. Then I will take the rubber square and rub it all over the paper. You can also take a large eraser (I like the white vinyl erasers) and rub it all over the paper. As far as cleaning the 'picker upper', I usually just pick off the main pieces that are sticking out. I haven't tried it, but maybe rubbing it on sand paper would take off the rest. I will have to try that and see what my results are. Thanks for asking!


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