Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip to Crystal Bridges

This is Spring Break and I visited my daughter for her birthday.  Northwest Arkansas has so much to do so we took advantage of the time together.  Sunday we went to a Razorback baseball game. It was my first Razorback baseball game to attend. I've been to some football games and one basketball game, so this was new.  The baseball team is very good and they did win their game. The weather was pretty, although I kept worrying about the clouds that periodically clouded the stadium.  I knew the rain would be here soon.   
Me standing by the window overlooking the water
and the museum.
Then Monday our trip to Crystal Bridges had to be postponed until Wednesday because of the crowds and the rain. The rain started before we got up Monday morning, and thinking that the weather would keep any crowds away, we took our time getting to the museum.  Well, when we got there, I realized I was wrong!  All of the parking lots were full, so we decided to try again Wednesday. We still had to endure the rain, but we got there earlier, so we wouldn't have to walk 2 miles in the rain to get to the front door!  It was worth the wait, see the cupcake? That was dessert after a wonderful plate of chicken salad and fruit that was delicious!  I do want to return another time when the weather is much better.  We could not explore the beautiful grounds outdoors and many things were in bloom! 

Crystal Bridges is a beautiful Museum, inside and out. It just opened in Bentonville, Arkansas in Oct. 2011, built by Alice Walton, daughter of the late Sam Walton (Wal Mart). She collects American art and decided to build this museum here in Arkansas and I think it is just great! I'm posting photos of the grounds and inside a couple of areas, but not the artwork. I don't want to break any copyright laws or anything, but there are many famous artworks in there including some of Norman Rockwell's (Rosie the Riveter), Grant Wood, Chuck Close, Mary Cassatt, Jacob Lawrence, Frank Stella...and many more.
Here is a link for anyone in the area that may want to go for a visit: Crystal Bridges Website

My daughter always walks away from me when I am taking pictures! But I love this one for some reason.

Beautiful scenery outside! Wish we could have explored, but that will have to wait until another trip and a sunny day!

I wanted a photo of this tree sculpture that is just outside the front of the museum, and since my daughter will not pose for me, I asked her to take this one of me.  Yes, I was standing in the rain and it was a little on the chilly side, but its a cool tree sculpture. Not so much a good photo of me though. 

The rest of Spring Break will be resting! Back to work on Monday! 


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