Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Computer...

Whimsical Love Birds ~ Watercolor and Pen
Work in Progress
Beth S. Macre 2012
My laptop suddenly died on me a couple of weeks ago, so I've been working on my son's computer. My beloved laptop went to the shop to get repaired, but things keep adding up, so I think that I may have to bite the bullet (save some $) and buy a new one. The photo editing program that I usually use is not on this computer, so I have not done updated posts. I like to edit my photos before putting them on the web. But unfortunately, I don't think my old computer will be making it out of sickbay. I did have all my important photos saved on an external hard drive, so that is safe!  My son mainly uses his IPhone for computer use, so luckily I have had his laptop to use.  I've pretty much taken over it. Thankfully he has not minded. But I have been working on some artwork. Here I will show a couple of watercolor paintings that I've been working on.  Hopefully the next post will be from my own computer with my own photo editing programs that I am used to.

Whimsical Owl ~ Watercolor and Pen
Beth S. Macre 2012


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