Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tis the Season...?

"Wipe Ur Paws"
Acrylic painting 10 x 10 in
Beth S Macre© 2011 
...to be stressed...for me that is.  I really do love the Fall season and the Holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  But it really has become a stressful time for me.  The pressure to do so much in so little time sucks some of the joy out of the season. I'm thinking that one of my top goals for 2012 will be to eliminate the extra stress  from my life. I know its early to be thinking about the new year, but some things will have to go.  I'm really hoping that 2012 will be better for everyone.

Relax and enjoy life will be at the top of my list.  Creating art and spending time with family and friends is more important than filling out useless paperwork.  Right?
So I wanted to share my latest whimsical paintings.  I love the fun and whimsical art, because it makes me smile.

"Go Hogs!"
Acrylic painting 10 x 10 in.
Beth S Macre© 2011


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