Sunday, October 24, 2010

Juggling plates...

I am juggling creative time with my day job and and trying to get some rest.  This time of year is so busy at work with parent/teacher conferences, paperwork, lesson plans, after school activities. At the same time, I want to work on my own art and creative projects. My body is telling me to slow down or I am choosing to slow down for a bit.  I will be working on my creative projects though. Those are the ones that heal my mind and body the most.  But I have to force myself to get rest.  I can't sit still very long and would stay up late at night if I could, but I know that I need more sleep!

Here are a couple of fall paintings that I have worked on this year. I love the colors of fall. These paintings will be in my Etsy shop soon.


  1. I hear that happens when you turn 50.
    I love this painting Beth! A wonderful neighborhood!

  2. Like your work - colorful and cheery!

  3. Thanks Tim...You will soon know!

    Thank you Helen! I appreciate you stopping by and looking!


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