Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Blog and New Pen and Ink

Image from My New Blog:
View from the Highway

I love to take random photos when I go on trips.  I take pictures from stores, signs, scenes from the road (View from the Highway).  But those photos just go into my ever expanding digital files on my computer.  So I decided that I should share some of my favorites from my travels.   So I started this new blog called 'View from the Highway".  Those photos do not quite fit into this blog, so from now on, whenever I go on a trip I will be posting those photos into my new blog.  If you are interesting in following along with View from the Highway, feel free to 'follow' me over there! Hope to see you over there! 

Below is my newest Pen and Ink commission. 
Pen and Ink on Smooth Bristol Paper
8 x 10


  1. Hi Beth, Colorful photo! And, I like your pen and ink! Something wonderfully special and personal in your work!

  2. Breat job Beth. Love the nice tones. Well done.
    I am sure your client will be so thrilled.


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