Friday, June 11, 2010

Old Friends and Week One of Summer Break...

...has begun.  Last Friday was my last day of the school year for teachers.  Friday afternoon I traveled to Alabama to spend the weekend with my long time girlfriends. Six of us have stayed in touch since Junior High School.  Half of them were actually in elementary school together, but all of us have known each other since high school.   Over the years, some of us have moved away to live our lives, but stayed in touch. Sometimes we didn't talk often, but when we get together again, its like there was never a break in our connections. We spent the entire weekend talking, laughing, eating, reminiscing and just enjoying our time together. We promised to continue this as our new annual tradition.  We have all turned 50, or will, this year, so we all realize how important it is to stay connected to our closest friends.  It was so comforting to be with people who have known me since I was the young, shy, carefree girl that I was in the 70s and 80s! Before the responsibilities of children and jobs and married life.  So you can expect to see more of the influences from those relationships in the future.   The 'girls' all loved my little houses and all went home with at least one!  So they are very supportive of the artist part of my life.  Some of them even benefited from my art while we were in art class in high school!   Thank you Girls!

So for the first week of summer break, I am catching up with some chores around the house and just relaxing a little bit and planning some projects for my time in the studio! Looking forward to getting a lot accomplished over the next 2 months!  Hopefully life will cooperate with me.

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