Thursday, May 27, 2010

'It takes a Village'...

Row Houses
On Etsy

Create a Village
with HeartHomes

Lime Green HeartHome
On Etsy
...well I can make a village! I love to create these little houses and never run out of ideas to add little details.  Shown above are a set of Row Houses that I recently added to my Etsy shop.  Also shown are several houses and other buildings that I've created. I've even created some trees to go with the houses or village, if you decide to collect some houses.  I've sold most of the trees that I made, so as soon as school is out next week, I'm going to start making some new accessories like the trees.   I have plenty of houses to list, but need more accessory pieces and other town buildings.  I've made churches, a school, and downtown buildings that I will be listing soon too.
     One more week of school and I will be finished until August.  I'm looking forward to getting into my studio and painting, drawings, and creating more village items.  Check back often to see what I'm working on!   For now, I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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