Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Grand Opening of Second Saturday Studio... this Saturday. I will be traveling to Searcy to attend the grand opening day at the Studio.  Although it has been open 2 Saturdays already, they are celebrating the Grand Opening of the Studio this Saturday with give aways, food, fun, and lots of beautiful artwork for sale!  So I am going to stay with my parents, who live about 30 minutes away, and spend Saturday in Searcy, meeting with the other artists and, hopefully, lots of visitors coming through during the day.  I certainly wish all of you lived close enough to come by to visit, but since most of you do not, I will take pictures to share next week.

As an update to what I am doing in the studio, I am still glazing and creating more mini hearthomes, in preparation for the trip to Georgia in May.  Tomorrow (Friday) I will be unloading the kiln, that has lots of glazed and unglazed houses, along with lots of student pottery. So it should be fun to unload the kiln in the morning.  It is always exciting to open it up to see how the glazed (finished) pieces have turned out!

Have a great weekend and if you are in central Arkansas, please stop by The Second Saturday Studio, in downtown Searcy.  I will be there all day!

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  1. Have fun Beth and I will look forward to seeing lots of photos.

    Hope you have lots of sales.


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