Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Activities and Clay Houses

Unglazed Bisque Tile

It has been another busy couple of weeks. I don't know where the time has gone lately! It seems like it was just last week when school started and we will be winding down this semester in just a few weeks! Thanksgiving is behind us and the holiday season rush has begun! My Christmas tree is up, thanks to my daughter and husband! They took care of that last weekend. So now I can enjoy the next few weeks and not have to worry about setting up the decorations.
This week we traveled to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Wednesday we had my husband's parents over for dinner. Both kids have been home all week, so we have had a full house and the 2 granddogs! They are like having babies to take care of! But they are cute.

Small bisqueware Mini HeartHomes

I've have been busy working on some new tiny houses and tiles, as seen in my photos. I posted a photo of the little clay houses a couple of weeks ago when they were freshly made. In these photos, they have been fired once. I have also put the black glaze wash on them. Next, I will be adding the rest of the colored glazes and fire them again and they will be done. It usually wouldn't take so long to get one or two finished, but I made several and it will take me awhile to glaze them all. I've also been very busy with school and family, so I hope to finish them up in the next week. I hope to post them in my Etsy shop soon. This time, I made Small, Medium, Large, and Extra wide sizes for different price points.

Extra wide Mini HeartHomes
Medium Bisqueware Mini HeartHomes

Stay tune for pictures of the final version of the little houses. If you think you would be interested in buying one of my little houses, just click on my Etsy shop .

For those of you who have asked about the materials that I use, I will list a few of the things that I use for my houses and tiles.
Glaze: I use a low fire white Pottery Clay. If you do not have a local source to purchase clay, there are plenty of resources online.
Glaze: I use Mayco Stroke n Coat Wonderglaze for almost everything I glaze. I found these when I was teaching and have used them since.

Hope you all had a wonderful week of Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi Beth! The houses and tiles are adorable. A happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and your family.

  2. Hi Linda! Thanks and you have a good holiday too!

  3. Hi Beth! Where has the time gone indeed? I especially like your tile piece. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  4. They're absolutley darling! love them - they seem like a little Christmas village all setting there like that :)

    Have you ever considered making ones light enough to hang on a tree w/ open windows you you could put a bulb from the tree inside? or possibly some for candles?

    just curious :D

  5. Thanks Teresa! I hope your open studio went well! Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks Brandy! I've thought about the little village thing too. I've made a couple that have little holes in them for ribbon to hang them on the tree. Unfortunately, I just haven't had the time to finish them with glaze yet. Hopefully by next year, I will have a supply of ornaments to list in my Etsy shop.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love them. they are so cute. Congratulations Beth on being featured on "The Creative Jar"


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