Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Tweet Home!

This is one of my newest Hearthome Tiles.

Of course birds have homes too! This lucky bird already has a home. It was made especially for a member of the AREtsy Team (Arkansas Artists on Etsy). The team had a swap for the members that wanted to participate in the swap. We were to make something to go with the theme SpringTweets. So I created this Hearthome for this little birdie.

The second photo is the tile before it was glazed and fired the second time. After it is bisque fired (the first firing), I then glaze it with a thinned black glaze. After it is dry, I wipe off the excess black glaze from the raised surfaces of the tile. Then I add the other glaze colors. Once I get all of the colors added, I glaze the entire tile with a clear glaze. When that is dry, it is ready for its' final firing.

What do you think should live in a Heart Home?  ~Beth


  1. Well done Beth. Love the bird house beautifully done. There is no end to your talent.

    Great Job,

  2. Thank you Dors! You are too kind!

  3. Do you use black glaze, or black under glaze?


  4. Hi Shawna!
    I use black glaze. I thin it down with water and paint it all over the pieces, then after it dries, I wipe away the access from the high points and the parts that I do not want to be black. Then add the other colors. I use Mayco Stroke and Coat. I also put a natural clear over everything after it dries, then fire the final time.


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