Sunday, June 14, 2009

Santas Vacation?

Have you ever wondered what Santa does during the summer? Well apparently they go meet with other Santas! And they dress very cute!
Apparently this group meets here each summer and learns how to be great Santas! Of course Santa needs to be good at what he does, but he also needs to stay up to date with technology and the latest toys and gadgets that kids like these days!

So I guess Santa does get to leave the North Pole and go on vacation! This one seems to like barbecue. Of course you have to come South to get a good barbecue!

Doesn't he look cute in his red and white flowered shirt?

These two must be discussing the latest in Santa furniture!
Only 6 more months till Christmas!


  1. Great photos. Can't think of anything better than a BBQ while keeping up with technology. LOL


  2. I laughed so heartily when I saw all these cute summer-santas! Thank your showing us these cute guys, Beth!

    Warmest wishes from a "santa-less" Germany... :))))

    PS: Yes, I will write how I like that Sibley book. :)

  3. Walking into Hobby Lobby you'd think Christmas was just around the corner, they're already swapping out the gardening stuff with Christmas!

  4. What a neat post! thanks for the smile!

  5. Thank you Dors!

    Martina...I thought Germany had Santas!

    Sunny, I haven't been in Hobby Lobby lately. Christmas already? I guess us crafty people have to start early!

    Glad I could make you smile Meisie!


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