Friday, April 24, 2009

Creative inspiration...

Heart Home Series
Colored pencil on watercolor paper
Beth S. Macre © 2009

...has really kept me busy in the past 2 weeks! And it feels really great! I'm working on some new clay pieces and drawings that I am enjoying working on. They will be in my new Etsy shop soon. As soon as I get the clay pieces glazed and fired and photos taken, then I will be ready to open it. I'm shooting for opening it up by my blog two year anniversary, which is May 3rd.
The above image will be the first piece in my new Etsy shop. It was created with Prsmacolor colored pencils, both watercolor pencils and dry pencils. I have also created tiles of clay that have similar subject and feel to them. So this is a sneak preview of what will be in my new shop starting in about a week.
Give away...
I am also creating some special little clay pieces that I will be giving away to those of you who leave comments on my blog from the last post until my opening! So I hope that if you take a moment to comment and leave your name (or a link so I can contact you)! Everyone who comments will receive something, but one person from the commenters will be randomly chosen to win a Heart Home tile!
I look forward to summer vacation so much this year! I plan to spend a lot of time in my studio creating. I have lots of ideas and really can't wait...but I guess I will have to!
So, what do you think?
~ Beth


  1. Lovely work Beth. How do you find time to do all this and be a wife, mother and teacher... amazing.

    Beautiful art and a lovely site.

  2. Ooh ooh sign me up for the give-away. I would love to have a Mama Macre original hanging in my new apartment in Fayetteville. I'll be in Blytheville for part of May...I'll have to make it by your house to catch up. I saw some photos from Suzanne's bday celebration. Y'all look great! miss you--S

  3. Hi Beth...I love the new series...what a wonderful piece and I can only imagine how cute the clay pieces will be...

    Great work !!!


  4. Hi Beth
    Love the idea of the Hearth Home serie, and the painting is lovely :)

  5. Thank you Dors! With the kids away at school, I have more time to fill, so I try to stay busy!

    Hi Sarah! I'm so glad that you are going to be in Fayetteville! I will be able to visit you! Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

    Thank you Diana! They are so much fun to create!

    Hi Lene! Thank you.

  6. Love the little heart house!!! Seeing yours inspired me to do the ones I've been doing.

  7. Thanks Timbo! Love your little houses too.


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