Friday, March 27, 2009

New Artwork...

I 'Hare' You!
Colored Pencil on Uart Paper 400
Beth S. Macre 2009

I have two pieces that are done and ready to be delivered, but I couldn't post them until the recipients saw them first. The rabbit is for the ScribbleTalk ATC exchange, and the other is a painting for a friend. The rabbit will be heading out to Arizona next week, to my online friend, Toni. She is a wonderful artist, mentor, and a funny lady!

The painting was delivered today to Emerson and her Mom, Leigh. You can read about their adventures here. Toddlers are so cute! I wish that I had this blog technology when my kids were little. There are so many things that would be cool to remember and let them read about. My journal on paper is just not the same. Sorry the picture here is dark, but I delivered the painting before I looked at this image on the computer. This painting matches little Emerson's bedroom with the pink and green and lots of polka dots! Its really cute!

Spring break has been very nice, both in my time in the studio and weather far. It has rained quite a bit, but its been at night and sunny during the day! But Monday we go back to work and start working towards the end of the school year! My advanced art classes will be working with clay, so that means I will have some new clay work to show.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. oh what a wonderful bunny rabbit....and that painting is beautiful!!!

  2. We absolutely LOVE Emerson's painting!! right now we just have it hanging on her door until we decide just what to do with it! Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you Diana!

    Thanks Leigh! I hope that you both will enjoy it for many many years!


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