Friday, December 26, 2008

Handmade Gifts...

...are made with love. It is a good feeling when you create something for someone who really appreciates and loves what you created for them. Especially when its family. My nieces love their dogs and wanted paintings of them, so I offered to do that for Christmas. It was close, but I did get them done for Christmas Day. After the delicious meal that Mom made, and we all enjoyed, we all went into the den to exchange gifts. The girls were very excited to finally see the paintings that I had painted, so they both unwrapped the paintings first. They both were very pleased and excited about their new art.
Both paintings were fun to create and handmade with love. I hope they will enjoy them for years to come.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday with loved ones.


  1. Hi Beth! Merry Christmas!!!!

    Love the paintings, are they acrylic or CPs? I'd love to see close-ups of them, if you have them.

  2. Hi Nancy! Merry Christmas to you too!
    The paintings are acrylic. I will post some closeups later, but if you could click on the picture and see it larger if you want.
    Thanks for dropping by Nancy!

  3. thanks sis...we all love the paintings. they are so special! sure am proud of you. i know you had time constraints and i appreciate you working your butt off to finish them!

  4. Those are so great! I love handmade gifts! I wish you the best in the New Year!!
    Todd in Santa Fe

  5. Thanks Todd! I'm glad you stopped by and best wishes to you too!


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