Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lake House Tile

Lake House Tile
Beth S. Macre © 2008
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I created this tile a couple of months ago, but just now got it fired and ready to list in my Etsy shop. I've been so busy with work at school and bringing work home from school that I just haven't had much spare time for my own work. But I have managed to get a few clay pieces fired recently but I haven't had much luck with the results. I've been less than happy with some of the pieces that I glazed fired recently. But I am happy with the this tile.
Sales have been slow on Etsy anyway and I'm blaming it on the economy for now. Its either that or I need to stop creating these tiles. I'm going to run out of room storing them in my art room! So I guess I need to concentrate on working with my colored pencils for awhile. I've really been missing my time using my colored pencils lately, so that's what I will be working on soon as I finish a painting that I'm working on. I will post that when I get it to a stage where I'm satisfied with it. I know, I'm all over the place with different mediums. I think that is because I'm an art teacher. I'm usually working on something similar to an assignment that I've given my students. Plus I don't get bored when I changed up often.
On another note, today was my last day for jury duty! I've been doing my civic duty for about the last 6 weeks. Although it is a pain to have to plan to be out of work, I really would like to have been chosen for a jury...just for the experience. But I wasn't. Out of the 4 times that we actually had to show up to the courthouse, they only picked one jury. My number wasn't picked, so I missed my one chance to actually be on a jury! Maybe next time.


  1. Hi, Beth~

    Lovely heart post. Maybe you'll get an opportunity to serve on a jury next time. I enjoyed serving a few years ago. It was an emotional few days because of the case, but I was happy to have served.

    Love all your art, including your tile art. You're lucky to be an art teacher--or should I say, your students are lucky you are their art teacher. ;-D

    Etsy sales have been slow? Surprise!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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  3. I received your wonderful prints, Beth! Thanks.

    Note: Just to let you know, I visited your Etsy shop and purchased your prints before reading this blog post. ;-D

    Friends have a connection.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks Fannie! I'm glad you like them!
    Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!


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