Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun Painting!

I am known for how slowly I work on my art. Colored pencils, pen and ink are both very slow processes for me, but I have much better control over those materials. So I think that is why I am 'drawn' to them. But on the other hand, I really admire loose paintings and loose drawings, for that matter. I 'want' to work more loosely! My daughter tells me that "I 'try' too hard, Want it to be 'too perfect'. " So, as I said earlier, she just moved into an apartment, and needed art for her walls. Well after she took some of my art off my walls, she still needed more! So she showed me some styles and subjects that she liked and I said that I would try to paint something for her. Well
I ran out of time before she moved, so I took my acrylic paints with me when we moved her, but even then I just didn't have enough to time to come up with a painting that 'she' could visualize that I could also visualize. So I gave up on creating paintings for her. So when I returned home, I started moving some of my art supplies into her empty bedroom (specifically my paints). So last weekend, I felt especially creative so I went into her room and painted both of these paintings that day! And they are very large paintings, for me. 24"x36" each! But I enjoyed choosing my own color combinations, subject, and slapping some paint here and there, adding some textural medium and really enjoyed the whole process. I managed to break out of that perfectionist mode for the day. I hope to do some more paintings using this style. So right now these paintings are hanging on my previously empty wall (she took another painting that I had done earlier in the same style) and I am really liking the way they look on that wall. But I have listed them in my Etsy shop, so if someone else loves them as much as I do, then I will part with them. If they don't get purchased, I have a feeling that they may disappear when my daughter comes home to visit her empty bedroom! Guess I need to go buy a bed!

Close up of One of the "Flowers in the Vases"
Pair of 2 Large canvases.
Beth S. Macre © 2008


  1. Oh Beth! I love the feel of these! They are so free and whimsical and these colors are magical together. Very NICE!

  2. Excellent, Beth! I love both paintings. Loose and free . . . I understand what you said about the control factor with colored pencils. That's why I enjoy playing with fiber art and mixed media, including acrylics. It gives me a nice selection to create art in times when I don't feel "perfect." You may notice that I rarely use colored pencils nowadays . . . which may mean I don't feel perfect most of the time? Ha, ha!

    Great post!

  3. Hi Debbie and thank you! They were definitely free flowing!

    Hi Fannie and I'm glad you like them! I definitely don't ever feel perfect! haha. But I really love my colored pencils, but I want to loosen up with them. So maybe if I keep experimenting with the paint, my pencils will loosen up!

  4. Very impressoinistic! You go girl!!

    It feels good to just let go doesn't it? After all the tight pencil work... it's like a rush to be able to jut cut loose.

    You know, when she comes back to visit, your gunna have to get the paints back out cuz you certainly will have an empty wall lol. How come when our kids move they think the wall decor should go with them??

    I think you should do this more often! Did you find yourself smiling?

  5. Haha, Thanks TJ! Yes I did enjoy it. I'm going to try to do more painting. Lord knows I'm not getting much cp done!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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