Friday, July 18, 2008

Tour of France - West Central

Tours, France
After our visit to the chateau at Versailles, we traveled to Tours, France. Our hotel was more of a traditional old style hotel in France. It had been renovated and updated so although it was very old, it was clean and comfortable, with the exception of the size of our bathroom. In the lobby, the one elevator was the old kind that you have to open the door on the outside and the inside and there was room for only 2 to 3 adults (or one person with several suitcases)!

Dinner in the Village
After we got settled in the hotel, we walked to dinner in the Old part of downtown Tours. In these pictures, you can see the old charming achitecture that is full of cafes, creperies, and shops. Our dinner was at a little restaurant called L'Auberge de Savoie. Its decor looked like a ski lodge. After dinner we walked through the old town looking at the sights...and stopping for ice cream. I don't speak French, but I did manage to order 'Un bule orange' or one scoop of orange sherbet. It helps when you are traveling with a French teacher!

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