Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Etsy Trade

Last week I mentioned that a lady from Canada contacted me about my Clay Tiles that I list in my Etsy shop. She mentioned that she would like one with her dogs and asked me if I would want to trade. Apparently, there are many artists on Etsy that regularly trade with other artists. So I looked in her shop and liked this painting. Anyway, we agreed to trade, I created the Custom Dog tile that I posted here and sent it off in the mail. I received this painting in the mail yesterday and I am very pleased to get it! I love the painting. I think it is very creative and it is proudly hanging in my home now.

Because of this trade, I also added a listing to my shop for custom orders. So far I haven't had any orders, but I'm just going to try different products and see how it works out.

On a personal note, my daughter had her tonsils out last week, so I have been busy nursing her back to health and getting her ready to move back to college next month. So I will not get much accomplished until after the move. My daughter wants me to paint some things to decorated her walls, but I don't know when that will happen!


  1. What a beautiful treasure and nice trading Beth!
    Hope your daughter feels better soon and all the best to her in college!

  2. Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I've had two bad experiences shipping to Canada. It took about 21 days--it's not a typo--to get there as it was held up in customs. ??? Other Etsy shippers had similar experiences. There's no pattern to these occurrences. They were random. I've had other shipments that arrived in Canada within a week. I wish you the best.

    Hope your daughter's well.

  4. Hi Fannie. The tile did arrive safely and she is very happy with the tile. But it did take longer for my tile to make it to her than her painting took to get to me. But everything worked out well.
    And my daughter is feeling much better thank you.

  5. Excellent on both accounts!!!


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