Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fish Themed Clay Tiles

As I promised a couple of weeks ago, I am posting the results of some of the clay tiles that I made at school this year. My students began a unit learning how to use clay. As an introductory project to the clay (most students have never worked with clay), I assigned them to create a textured tile design. I showed them a couple of my examples from last year(here and here), and explained how they could add a variety of textures by carving out clay and adding clay pieces to raise the surface. They had to roll the clay out into slabs, cut them out into a square shape, cut out their design pieces, then start putting them together. So after they got settled and began working on their pieces, I started a couple of new ones so they can watch the progress and hopefully get some ideas that they can apply to their own clay pieces. Here are two pictures showing my results. The first is the two fish tiles after the bisque firing. I have also added black glaze to emphasize the carved lines and corners and edges. After removing the black from the raised surfaces, I added the rest of the glaze colors. The tiles were fired in the kiln one more time to get the final shiney results you see in the 2nd photo.

Fish Tiles after bisque firing

Fish Tiles after Glaze Firing
Beth S. Macre © 2008


  1. Love these fish! I think these would look adorable in a tub or shower area.

  2. Wow!so creative! what gave you the inspiration for the clay tile assemblage? they're really stunning. I just love them.Now I will try to do more with my Clay tiles..Thanks!


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