Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baseball Cards

Walking and...Bat and Ball Series
I started some ACEOs last weekend and planned to finish and post them earlier in the week, however, time has gotten away from me again. This week turned out to be pretty busy. I've started walking after work in an attempt to get into shape for my trip to France in June. My friend Becky, the French teacher, and I are trying to get into shape for all of the walking we will be doing when we are in France. She also had a meeting with those who will be traveling with us to talk about the things that they should do between now and our departure. So between now and June 2nd, when we leave, I will be pretty busy. My son graduates from high school in 2 weeks, and end of school year work gets pretty hectic. I will have pictures of some of my clay tiles that I've been working on at school. Hopefully I will be able to finish firing some this week.
Also little Radar, the Papillon, was a little under the weather this week so he needed a little extra pampering. I don't think the vet was ever very sure whether it was an internal infection or if he had just hurt his spine somehow. But he is doing better today, thank goodness! He was so pitiful when he would try to hide and lay his ears back. He is always so happy, you know when something is not right, by the position of his ears and his lack of tail wagging.
So here are the two ACEOs that I completed last night and posted on Ebay. They were drawn together, but I cut them apart to sell them either seperately or together. Just depends if the collector wants them both or just one.

"Bat and Ball"
(2 cards as they appear together)
Prismacolor colored pencils on white Stonehenge
Beth S. Macre © 2008

Here is what they look like seperate:

"Bat and Ball 1"

"Bat and Ball 2"
These were done using a watercolor pencil underpainting with dry Prismacolor colored pencils on top. I used white paper which, to me, takes longer now that I've been using colored papers. I've also been using the sanded papers, which seem to speed things up somewhat. I keep switching back and forth between the colored sanded supports and the white paper and really can't decide which is best for my style. But I do prefer the sanded and colored papers for speed.


  1. Beth, I love the baseball ACEOs. Neat idea, doing them together like that.

    You must be getting excited about going to France!!!!

    And I'm so glad that Papillon is doing better. Its hard when our little friends aren't well, and especially when we can't figure out what's wrong. Wish they could talk!

  2. Thank you Paula. I am getting excited about the trip! I hope to get lots of inspiration for future paintings!
    I'm glad Radar is doing better too. They can get sick so quickly and yes I wish they could talk too. I bet they do too!

  3. Great cards, Beth! I like how you created one image from two cards.

    When are you going to France? Can I go with you? ;-D

  4. Very clever Beth! Have you tried the white sanded supports....Ampersand makes a white pastelbord. Colors come out so brilliant.

  5. Thank you Fannie! We are leaving June 2nd. I wish you could go, but I will be traveling as a chaperone with 12 students and the French teacher! It would be so much fun to travel with a group of artist friends though!

    Thank you Cindy. I think that the pear that I posted here on Feb.16th was done on a 5 x 7 white pastelbord. I used Neocolor II on the underpainting on that one. Must be why I liked it so much!

  6. Hi, Beth. Although I was joking about going with you, it is a nice thought.

  7. lol Yes, I figured you were. It would be fun to go with artist friends.


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