Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pear with Neocolor II

I finally had some time to play with my new neocolors II today. I really had no idea how to use these, so I just started to play. What I really wanted to do was to make it look painterly. So I started with a simple sketch of a pear. Its such a simple shape, but can be so interesting to me. Then I used scarlet neopastel as the underpainting for the pear(except I used yellow for the light highlighted side of the pear). And a vermilion color for the underpainting of the background. Dark brown went down for the underpainting of the table. After I wet the colors and let them dry, I began to lay down dry color with prismacolors. I used blues on top of the background colors. Light greens on top of the pear. So here is my result, but I have to say, the original looks taller than this image.

Beth S. Macre © 2007


  1. I really like the energy in this!
    I think you created energy with the complementary colors and the strokes that you laid down.

  2. Your values are great! This is something I'm working on and struggling with. I need to change the way I "see." Instead of turning my sketchbook upside down, maybe I should turn upside down. ;-D

  3. Thanks Cindy. It looked pretty strange before I added the colors on top of the complementary underpainting! But it was fun.

    Thanks Fannie. Please have someone take a picture if you turn yourself upside down! I want to see that! haha


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