Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Sketches...

I'm still working on the portrait commission, so I will post a few more journal sketches. These are distractions that kept me from spending much time drawing that year.

"Ready to Shop"
Beth S. Macre
I really hate to shop actually, but back then it was a regular distraction.

"Where is the snow?"
Beth S. Macre

Every year I hope for a pretty snowfall. I guess I need to move farther north, because it has become rare for us to get more than a dusting or just flurries around here. 20 years ago it was much more common to get several inches a few times a year.

"Baseball Season"
Beth s. Macre

Another activity that took up alot of my time up to a couple of years ago is my son's baseball games. He still plays on the high school team, but I'm not able to go to all of their games because of distance and work.

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