Sunday, February 3, 2008

More sketches...

Why did I become a teacher?

I've been drawing and painting since I was a child, but I was never really got serious about it until I went to college. I took art classes in high school then in college, but I changed my major a few times, not thinking I could make a living from being an artist. I didn't, after all, know anyone personally that actually did that. So being the type person that plays everything safe, I decided that art degree needed a steady job to go with it. So I made the decision to become an art teacher. I know, most people say that they teach because they want to work with kids. Well, I have to be honest, that was not my motivation. I wanted a steady paycheck. I have enjoyed working with the older (high school) kids. But I also must say that it can be frustrating to get them motivated to work to their potential! (I'm sure my teachers thought the same about me, come to think about it!) Its great when the students really get it, enjoy it, and work at it! So I have taught high school art now for over 20 years and I've really learned alot from my students over the years. I think I have grown and evolved as an artist because of my teaching career. I have really grown to love working with the kids too! But on the other hand, it has limited my time to work on my own art, to the point of being frustrated by never having enough time to do what I want to do. I hope to have that time to work on what I want to do someday...but for now I have to go to work...I have duty this morning.

Here are a few more pages from my 'Artist Block Journal':

Ready to draw...
Beth S. Macre

Ready to Go...
Beth S. Macre

Sometimes I don't create because of other having to go to work, grocery shopping, kids activities....

'Lizie and Lexie'
Beth S. Macre

Sad and lazy. Sometimes I just get sad and lazy and don't do anything for a few days...especially this time of year!


  1. Twenty years teaching, congratulations, Beth! I imagine you must feel frustrated not being able to take the time to create. Even though you haven't been working on "your" art, I imagine your experiences as a teacher has refined your skills and techniques as an artist.

    Somehow I don't see you as "lazy." Taking some time to relax is good for balance.

    Thanks for sharing your story and your sketches.

  2. Thanks for looking Fannie! Actually I've taught for 25 makes me feel old when I think about that number!


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