Friday, January 25, 2008

Student Art Work

Student self portraits using a grid.

I started a pencil portrait commission of a family today. I will not be able to post it for privacy of the subjects and also because it is a secret for the recipients, so I will post some samples of my students' art. This class recently completed a project where they were to paint a self portrait using a grid, like the artist Chuck Close. (I would love to see that exhibition!) I wanted the students to learn to draw using a grid and to be creative in the way they painted the individual squares in the grid. As Chuck Close uses simple shapes in the squares to create the images.
These two students chose to pose in their reference photo together and match up their paintings as they were in the photo. The students really grumbled about this project in the beginning, but in the end, most of them were surprised and proud at what they accomplished! These two gave me permission to post their pictures here. (The cute guy may look like his mother...ME!) I may post some more later if the others want their pictures posted. They really got creative!


  1. Look at that handsome son! The self-portraits are so creative, I'm sure they feel very proud of their work.

  2. I love Jason and Megan's work! I miss my days in your art class. It's a good thing I didn't have time to try to talk you into letting me into an upper-level class. One of those would have taken me months!

  3. Jason is very handsome, Beth. Great collaboration piece! Where do you teach?

  4. I miss you too Sarah!

    Thank you Fannie. I teach at the local high school.


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