Beth Macre

As an artist, I enjoy working with a variety of media including clay, acrylics, ink, and mixed media. My focus over the last several years has been with clay, but I enjoy experimenting with 2-dimensional media in my spare time. I create whimsical tiny houses, tiles, ornaments, wall art and designs using kiln-fired clay, that you can purchase from my Etsy Shop.  I also accept commissions for custom orders of any of the media that I work with, so contact me, if you have a desire for some custom design work.  You can find my Etsy Shop here.

I taught high school art for many years, I enjoy giving my students the tools to be creative and in return, they kept me inspired and motivated to be creative on a daily basis. Now, I enjoy working full time at home, as a full-time artist! I love to experiment with different subjects and materials. There are not enough hours in a day to complete the ideas that I have bouncing around in my head.  I am thankful for the time that I do have and pray for good health to continue to do what I love for decades to come!

Thank you for stopping by to visit and hope that you will enjoy looking around!


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