Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back at 2014 and Forward to 2015

2014 ~ Simplify
Last year I chose the word 'Simplify' as my word of the year. That was before we put our house up for sale and sold it within 5 weeks and moved within 2 months. By the middle of March, we had moved across the state.  I thought my word 'Simplify' was going out the door with many of the things that we let go to downsize. However, because of that downsize, we did start fresh with fewer 'things'. But it was definitely not Simple! There were days I wasn't sure we could do it.

Nine months later, I can say for sure, it was the right thing to do. Things have settled down and we, my husband and I, are still working to simplify our life. He has found a job that he loves and a new hobby that he enjoys.  I continue to work in my studio, at home, on my own schedule...
...Keeping It Simple.

2015 ~ Focus
I have been trying to decide what my word for 2015 would be.  I want to grow my business.  That means I need to focus on what will help me do that. In my post from last week, I wrote about focusing on Texture in my Artwork. That is my focus for my artwork. But for myself, I need to remind myself to Focus on my goals.

5 Things I Need to Focus on in 2015:

1.  Create Art that is fulfilling to my creative spirit.

2.  Find 2-3 More Venues to Sell My Art

3.  Improve Social Media Promotion

4.  Develop Relationships and Roots in our new Community

5.  Improve Business and Organizational Skills

Happy New Year! 
To 2015!


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