Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Enjoying Northwest Arkansas

Since we moved, we have been busy unpacking and taking care of moving details that take so much time. But last weekend we were able to get out and enjoy some activities.  We moved from a small town, so there are many opportunities for different types of entertainment and dining in this part of the state.  I am trying to take in and experience a variety of things.

The weather was beautiful this past weekend, so it was a good weekend to be outside.  Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, we were able to enjoy great seats at the Razorback baseball games in Fayetteville at Baum Stadium.  The Razorbacks won both of the games we attended.   In the photo above, the Razorbacks were celebrating a homerun.

Saturday, my daughter and I had some shopping to do, but we wanted to enjoy lunch on a patio before we did that. We decided to head to downtown Fayetteville to have a sandwich on the patio at Common Grounds.  I decided to order their Almond Chicken Salad on a Croissant and I was not disappointed! It was very good! And because we were on the patio, I got a good dose of Vitamin D...which I could use more of, after being indoors so much over the past several months.

After lunch, we wandered down Dickson Street to see what the Fayetteville SpringFest was all about. We found a live band playing on the stage, and belly dancers performing in front of the Walton Arts Center! I wasn't expecting that! Both the band and the dancers were talented and interesting to watch.

After our walk down Dickson, we went on to finish our shopping so we could get home to cook dinner and watch a movie.

Sunday, we went back to Baum Stadium for the last ball game of the weekend. The Razorbacks won 2 out of 3 games for the weekend. In the photo below, you can see the teams congratulating each other in the end of game series ritual.

I enjoyed getting out of the house and taking in a few of the sights and activities of Fayetteville. Although we've been living here for a month, I still feel like I'm here to visit.  Hopefully that feeling will go away as I learn more about places to go eat, shop, and get involved in activities.

 Until next time...


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