Thursday, May 16, 2013

Put Your Big Girl Pants On...

...or have a Pitty Party?  or both?  Do you ever have those days or weeks that you feel like you are getting nothing accomplished? You just don't feel like doing much of anything? Is it just me or is this more common than I think? Sometimes I just want to sit down, have my pitty party, take a nap, then wake up feeling better, ready to start checking things off my to do list...with my big girl pants on.  Move on.  (Note to self...The Pitty Party didn't help anything!) I don't like to whine, but it's been one of those weeks for me. I've been worried about some things that have drained my energy.   I started out with lots of energy and motivation.  I went to the garden center and bought lots of pretty flowers to plant in the yard to spruce things up outside.  After figuring out where everything is going to go, I started planting.  I got about half of the flowers planted before I had to stop and clean up and go out to the ball park to help out in the concession stand.  So by the end of the evening, I was worn out and feeling about 20 years older than I should feel. So I crashed and burned.  Each day since, I've tried to plant a few more flowers, trim some trees, and water the flowers so all this effort doesn't die!  A few years ago, this would have taken me 2 days to plant the flowers and then sit back and enjoy!   But this time,  it is taking a little longer.  I am feeling every muscle that I've used all week. My bum knee is not cooperating very much either.  It is getting done, but slower than I would like.  I'm sure it will be worth it once it is done and the flowers start to grow.  And I know that many people are hurting much more than I, so I am grateful I only have a few aches and pains and that I have the time to work in the yard.   For now I have to put my Big Girl Pants on (panties doesn't sound very much like a Big Girl, does it).   So even though I feel like I haven't accomplished much, I have.

My lesson learned here is to take time to enjoy the flowers and the sunsets. Time goes by way to fast!  Enjoy it!


  1. Sometimes I just want to fall on the floor and throw a fit. That scene in Julia and Julie where she just lays there and cries is one of my favorites. Every now and then, it just isn't worth the effort of holding it together. Big Girl Pants can wait a few minutes :)

    Enjoy your flowers! ;)

  2. You are so right, Rhoda! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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