Monday, May 20, 2013

Home is Where My Heart Is Doodle

I love to doodle with Zig Millineum pens and my Prismacolor colored pencils. It is very relaxing.  I can pick it up to work on it any time outside of the studio.  (I have trouble sitting down with nothing to do with my hands, so I always like to have something nearby to work on.)  This is one that I just finished.  It represents my HeartHomes in the Four Seasons.  I had to include a little Owl and a little Red bird.  I've included two close ups, so you can see the details.   I have the flowers of spring, the yellow and orange leaves of fall, the snowflakes of winter, and the greens of summer. Just an example of how I relax and have fun. Hope you enjoy!



  1. Hey Beth, I love it so happy and colorful, when you diddle do you work in a journal or on sheets of paper? And do you sketch it out first in pencil before you ink it? I'll have to check out those marker pens. I just bought a Lamy fountain pen but haven't played with it yet.

  2. Hi Gloria! I have a little pad of Stonehenge paper that I doodle in. Usually I use the pen to sketch out the layout, but sometimes I do use a light pencil sketch first. I will have look up what a Lamy fountain pen is. Thanks for stopping by!


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